“It was just a brainchild”…

“The idea for The One Cent Foundation started as just a funny thought. I wanted to know how many people would respond if I posted a question on social media and asked everyone if they’d be willing to donate one cent to help me get through the winter and if I could get this question to go viral. In time, that simple brainchild turned into the Foundation as it is right now! sometimes simple idea’s are the greatest!”

“Every cent that you donate will be spent on the cause, Helping great idea’s change the world for the better in any way. If it were up to us, the bank account will be live on this website, for you to see what comes in and where it is spent on. If and when a project is funded, you will be able to view the progress here and off course you will be updated through social media and you’ll recieve e-mails about the advancements.”

“Once you’ve donated your one cent (more is also possible off course), you get to decide on which project you want your cent to be spent. So not only is the OCF transparent, the funding is also completely democratic. Whichever projects recieves the most votes, get funded, it’s really that simple! So donate one cent and help us change the world, and remember:

your wallet won’t feel the difference, but the world will!”

With love,

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Peter van der Leij

That thought which turned into the OCF was mine. I have always felt the need to have my voice heard, to change things for the better. I see so many wrongs everywhere and In my opinion the answers are always easy. But the world turns out to be more complicated. So I decided to help the world make it easy.

If you want somethings changed, just do it! With this foundation everyone – and I really mean everyone – can contribute and help, so we can start changing together. And the best thing is, you and I together decide what we want changed and how, that’s the beauty of the OCF!

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Boudewijn Coert

Why I’m committed to the OCF? I have been helping the needy all my life wherever I can. Three years ago, my daughter Loes died of cancer at the age of 27. This event has turned my life upside down. In the last months of her life I resigned from my job as director. I then spent as much time as possible with my daughter until her death. After that, I started actively working for charities, uncluding my own charity project set up under the name Toon in the House for people who have to deal with cancer.

​Then I met Peter and he told me about the One Cent Foundation. He came at the right time in my life. I embraced the idea and started working with Peter. Now we are on the threshold of something beautiful that is going to happen. The OCF is a game changer in the world of charities. Everyone can contribute and together we can make a difference. Let’s do it together!

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Ton van Huis

I am committed to the OCF because of the fact that this foundation is the first one I ever saw that is really one hundred percent transparent and in fact it is owned by the donors, you! In my life I have had so many disappointing experiences with gifts to foundations, I finally decided many years ago to stop donating at all.

After I met Peter and Boudewijn I became more and more enthusiastic about their ideas to change the world and look at me now… I’m now completely committed to the OCF. Changing the world sounds like a dream, but this dream is in our hands, yours and mine. And it works as simple as one cent.  JUST DO IT ……..